Corona virus Travel Update

Corona virus Travel Update

In response to the unprecedented trial the world is in, various measures and precautions are being taken by countries around the world to reduce the spread of COVID-19, African Finfoot Safaris is forced to suspend ground operations for tours and safaris between April, 2019 to June, 2020.
However our offices remain remotely open from Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EAT to assist guests with rescheduling their holidays and safaris. If you have been affected, our Travel Consultant will contact you to discuss your travel plans; we are prioritizing guests in order of travel date. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

For all payment for bookings due to depart on or after April through June, 2020, will remain in-house to be applied to a booking departing prior to December 31, 2021.

We appreciate your understanding during this challenging time and look forward to welcoming you when the time is right. This blog will again answer the various Questions regarding travelling to Uganda.
Is Uganda open for Tourism?
Yes, Uganda is fully open for tourism and all other travels. Passengers can enter Uganda via Entebbe International Airport. Therefore, guests are able to travel to their destinations without a glitch. At the moment, we are receiving groups at ease and are already on safari enjoying the beautiful landscapes and amazing wildlife and much more.

What you should consider before traveling to Uganda?
You are required to make visa applications and payments online using this link after securing the visa, you are then mandated to present a negative PCR test upon arrival taken within 72 hours from the day of sample collection

Are you traveling to traveling to Rwanda?
You are mandated to complete a Public Health Passenger Locator Form before arriving in the country, here is the link:

Which countries are labeled as category 1, 2 and 3?
Although this could change, the country in category 1 is India; travelers from this country are can now allowed entering into Uganda. Whereas countries in category 2 include USA, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, South Africa, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Tanzania. Any traveler from these countries including Ugandan nationals and residents will be subjected to a PCR COVID-19 test at the point of Entry including Entebbe International Airport.

Countries not in Category 1 and 2 belong to category 3; however travelers from category 3 countries should carry their negative Covid-19 Certificates.

We therefore strongly encourage all our guests who wish to travel to Uganda in the near future to get vaccinated and carry their vaccination card this will ease their check in time at the Airport.

Do guests need to be tested again if they are fully vaccinated?
At the moment guests from category 2 and 3 countries who are fully vaccinated will not be required to have a test on arrival however, they should have their vaccination card and a negative PCR test certificate with them. Kindly note this is subject to change with time. Meanwhile guests from these countries who are not fully vaccinated will be required to have a PCR test on arrival.

Guests can now pre book for their PCR testing online on to speed up their testing process on arrival at a fee of USD 65 per person. . Here is a list of accredited Covid 19 Testing Centers in Uganda

When do I get your results and how is the test results delivered?
Guests are receive their rapid test results within 1 and a half to 2 hours however PCR Results can be delivered after 24 hours from the time of sample collection via the guest’s email or WhatsApp also, hard copies can be provided on request.

Is it mandatory to take a COVID-19 test before departure?
Yes, you have to take their PCR test within 72hours from the day the sample is collected, before you depart.

What happens if a guest tests Positive?
If a guest tests positive a second test will be carried out from a different laboratory, if a guest is symptomatic, they will be transferred to a comfortable designated health facility or self-isolate at designated hotel as they get treated at their own cost. However, if the guest is asymptomatic, they will be allowed to proceed with their journey.

What are the rules of wearing masks in Uganda?
All arriving guests are required to have their masks on at all times, this should be the same while in public place, unless guests are in their rooms.

Uganda and Curfew Time
In a way to stop rapid spread of the covid-19 virus, Ministry of Healthy together with the government in traduced curfew time which starts at 1900 Hours. However, licensed tourist vehicles are exempted from curfew hence therefore guests easily move between points at ease. There are roadblocks during the curfew hours but only to enforce the Security measures

Are Hotels and lodge, restaurants open?
Yes, all accommodations and restaurants remain open for travelling guests with proper standard operating procedures in place.

Is it still possible to do Gorillas / Chimpanzees trekking? Do we have to wear masks when with primates?
Yes, you are able to enjoy both gorillas and chimpanzee trekking. During the briefing of guests, they are required to have their masks on as well as when they are near the primates. However, masks can be relaxed during the hike.

What African Finfoot Safaris is doing to Control the spread of Covid-19?
Since Uganda opened her doors to welcome back guests, we have been testing our guides for Covid-19; the tests are carried out within 48 hours to the start of the tour. With the ongoing country wide vaccination, a good number of our guides have so far been fully vaccinated.

Furthermore, all our vehicles are thoroughly disinfected and fitted with hand sanitizers to be used by guests. Our guides ensure that there is limited en route stop while on Journeys to reduce contact with the community in respect of physical distancing rules.
Also, we are liaising with our partner properties (Lodges, restaurants) to ensure that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are adhered to in order to keep all our guests safe during this period. As way to guarantee this, our sales team had to make routine inspection visits to these properties in March and May this year.

Special Considerations for Existing and New 2021 Bookings
To assist you in making your travel plans, we are offering the following special considerations. Please contact any of our safari Consultants at +256 (0) 755 236 795 0r +256 (0) 788 982 638 for specific questions.

Existing and New Bookings
For guests who need to postpone existing bookings, we will make our best efforts to work with suppliers to minimize penalties for date changes, and reschedule your journey to depart at your convenience.
African finfoot safaris and the entire team wish you to stay safe as we look forward to welcome you in The Pearl of Africa. Be part of our family as we create great memories together. Book a covid-19 free trip with us

Together we can save lives!

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