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East Africa is an umbrella term that covers an incredible array of different countries, landscapes, cultures, and ecosystems. This diversity means that there is something for everyone, whether you’re more interested in a hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti, or an expedition to see the ancient rock-cut churches of Ethiopia

East Africa safari tours offers  in what can be translated as Uganda safaris , Rwanda safaris ,Kenya safaris ,Tanzania tours

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East Africa safaris tours are designed to take tourists on a safari to at least two or more East African countries in just one safari. Amongst the countries to explore while on East Africa safaris tours include Uganda the pearl of Africa, Rwanda the land of a thousand hills, TanzaniaKenya and Congo. Each of these countries in east Africa has its own unique and fascinating tourist attractions ranging from primate species such as Gorillas, chimpanzees, Golden monkeys, baboons, monkeys, mammal such as  Big 5 game, bird species, reptiles, flora species, and the local community members. Several travelers on an east African safari tour usually choose to use an East African tourist visa though it includes only 3 destinations which include Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda. This implies that to enter into Tanzania, and Congo, travelers must obtain Tanzania and Congo tourist visas respectively.


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