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When it comes to Mountain hiking, Uganda offers you stunning scenes as you take on reputable trails on the different mountains. Most of the hiking happens in protected areas but with other opportunities outside protected areas. In Uganda hiking for multi-day trips is done in Rwenzori mountains national park and Mt Elgon national park. The Virunga Volcanoes also offer 1-day hikes. Other locations throughout Uganda offer short hiking opportunities that take a few hours going up and down the hills.

A hike to reach the highest peak of the Rwenzori mountains at Margherita peak, takes 7 days effective hiking and offers fascinating nature and stunning views. It is also possible to make a shorter hike along the foot hills to experience a bit of the special nature combined with a classic safari. We can offer you a tailor-made safari based on what you want to experience, your budget and time-frame. Remember that all our hiking safaris in Uganda can be adjusted to fit your wishes.

Mountain Hiking and Trekking in East Africa will give you an opportunity to explore and hike mountains in East Africa, we have many mountains in East Africa that you will be able to choose from to hike this will depend on your interest, fitness, and planned travel itinerary.

East Africa is made up of 6 countries that is Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan among these countries our hiking and mountain Adventure trips will focus on major and prominent Mountains including Mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mountain Kenya in Kenya, Mountain Rwenzori and Elgon in Uganda, Bisoke in Rwanda among others.


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