Packing List for an African Safari Holiday!

Packing List for an African Safari Holiday!

An African safari holiday is what can bring joy and meaning to your life after those long hours on official duties. Having confirmed your safari itinerary with your trusted tour and travel agent, you now start to ponder on what to pack to ensure you live the dream of this life time safari experience. In your safari holiday itinerary you realize you will do game drives, mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, boat or launch cruise, nature walks, mountain hikes and let’s say bird watching among others, getting ready to pack is the next step. Lets show you how a packing list for an African Safari holiday would look like.

While packing, the size and weight of your luggage is very important. Most airlines will give you luggage allowance of between 15kgs to 20kgs so any excess weight will make you incur an extra fee. That does not sound nice and therefore to avoid all that inconveniences, you need to know the essential items to pack for your African safari holiday especially to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Minimize space and weight by choosing the best items to include in your Packing list for an African Safari Holiday

This Packing list for an African Safari Holiday will not only make your safari holiday memorable but also an enjoyable experience. Tick off your packing list below;-

Packing list for an African Safari Holiday -Wildlife Viewing Essentials.

  • Long Range Camera

It would be most excellent if you captured every magical moment on your all-inclusive safari. Carrying an excellent long-range camera that allows you to capture a great level of detail in a photo will just spice up your level of enjoyment during your holiday. It also enables you to shoot in low-light conditions because you will be trekking deep in the forest. You can also easily capture images of wildlife that are a bit far from you during game drives. Don’t forget to carry spare memory cards and batteries as you will want to take lots of photos. You may fail to buy safari souvenirs but carrying along with you the great safari memories and great photos is something magical!

  • Pair of Binoculars

The beauty is too vast and varied. For the ardent wildlife lovers carrying binoculars for optimum viewing of wildlife species like bird, insects and animals is a MUST.  In every safari vehicle we do provide a pair of binoculars for easy spotting of wildlife so you can always borrow during game drives. Otherwise you can buy one for your privacy.

Safari Clothing as an essential Packing list item for an African Safari Holiday.

  • Waterproof hiking boots

Uganda terrain is comprised of hills, dirt roads, and mud or dust. A sturdy pair of hiking shoes makes exploring these exciting activities light work. Destinations like Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Kibale forest National Park’s floor have boggy soils, ever wet. To cover your legs from the soggy ground and river waters that will be crossed on several trails, waterproof light boots are essential.

  • Sandals or open snickers

After a long exciting walk and trek, your feet will probably be in agony. You would want to change into open sandals and let your feet breathe and relax.

  • Rain Jacket / Poncho

Uganda boasts with a tropical climate, and the rains can come down at any time. Be prepared for such unexpected moments – bring your poncho! Make sure that you also have a waterproof cover for your backpack to keep valuables dry. For Mountain Gorilla trekking, a rain jacket is a MUST.

  • Garden gloves

This is most recommended for those trekking Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees or doing a nature walk. Some slippery places tend to make the trekking experience harder at times and you will, by all means, be forced to grab something for support and if you have your garden gloves on, everything will remain normal and then continue enjoying your safari holiday. 

  • Change Clothes

Avoid white clothing as due to the red soil and mud you will encounter, they may never be white again! Pick neutral colors for optimum camouflage in the bush. Get loose-fitting and lightweight clothes that keep you cool and dry quickly if you get caught in the rain. Carry long sleeves and trousers to prevent mosquito or insect bites during trekking and keep dust off when navigating the roads. The nights can be chilly and cold; thus, having some warm clothes at night is welcome.

  • Safari hat or Baseball cap

African sun can be a little harsh and fierce on you. A safari hat or baseball cap will shield you from it and continue enjoying Mother Nature.

  • Socks

Having plenty of socks to change with each day’s activity that involves a lot of trekking would be so perfect for you. You probably won’t have time to wash them, but they may not dry if you do. The nights tend to be cold, and a pair of socks makes nighttime cozy and comfortable.

  • Long sleeved shirt / blouse and Long Trousers

These are so necessary because of the kind of vegetation that you will encounter during your safari. The hype in you can be cut short by the kind of trousers or shirt you are wearing when you are in the middle of the trail tracking mountain gorillas. We also recommend that you pack both shirt and trousers waterproofed to keep you so untouchable by all sorts of weather conditions.

Other essential Packing list items for an African Safari holiday that you cannot afford to leave behind.

  • Energy boosting snack and drinks

This is much recommended for those doing gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and mountain hiking safaris. Hikes can at times be lengthy and this calls for you to pack something to add up on the early morning breakfast in order to fully enjoy your safari holiday.

  • Sunscreens

Uganda, being on the equator can sometimes be hot. The sun is always up, and you wouldn’t want to bake under it. Protect your skin with sunscreen and prevent the harsh sun rays from burning you.

  • Insect Repellant

Spraying yourself with insect repellant before you venture off on the African adventure will keep bugs away and make just enjoy your safari holiday

  • Swimsuit

Your safari manager may book you into a lodge with a swimming pool. Swimming is usually complimentary for in-house guests, and if you have time, you can relax under the warm African sun alongside the swimming pool. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

  • Money Bag or Belt

If you have booked and planned your safari holiday with a tour company, you will probably have already paid for most of these activities. You may need personal funds for buying souvenirs. Do not show where you put your money in public. If leaving for an activity, you must lock them in the safe or check-in your valuables at the lodge reception, depending on the lodge policy. The money bag can play a good role

  • Ziploc bag

This is very essential on a safari holiday as you will need to keep your dirty laundry separate from your clean clothes.

  • Antiseptic Gel

You will use this for washing your hand when there’s no water. On an African safari holiday, you spend most of the time ticking off different activities and during transit you may need the antiseptic gel to clean up

  • Flash lights

Most lodges are eco-friendly and lighting will be limited. You will need a flashlight to maneuver around. There are always security personnel to brief you always.

  • Electronic Devices

Most lodges have access to the internet, and in the evening, after an exciting day of venturing, you can update your travel memoirs and friends on your safari holiday

  • Medication

Availability of drugs is uncertain though most lodges and your tour vehicle will have a basic first aid kit on hand. Please carry any prescriptions and over-the-counter medication that you need. It would help if you also brought some medication pills like anti malarial, antihistamines for bug bites and allergic reactions. Also, carry some painkillers, cold and flu medicine, diarrhea medication, band-aids, and antiseptic cream. Ensure that you receive necessary inoculations and vaccination and obtain the International Vaccination Certificate.

Before leaving, do you have your passport with a blank page for the Uganda Visa? Do you have comprehensive travel insurance? Do you have your sunglasses – you won’t want to be forgetting these.

Well then, you’re all set to enjoy your magical safari holiday to Africa especially to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Don’t miss any of the above mentioned Packing list items for your African Safari Holiday in order to maximize you safari and adventure memories.

Plan your East African safari holiday with us and let’s create those magical experiences together! Contact us here

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