The Best Mountain Gorilla Trekking Destination – Your Ultimate Wildlife Experience!

The Best Mountain Gorilla Trekking Destination – Your Ultimate Wildlife Experience!

What is the best destination for mountain gorilla trekking between Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo?

Mountain Gorilla Trekking


Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park

Mountain gorillas are the most popular animals on the globe. They are the premier reason for most of the travelers to Uganda and Rwanda and are also number one the bucket list of many travelers to East Africa. Every adventure seeker would wish to be at the best mountain gorilla trekking destination to achieve that thrilling ultimate wildlife experience.


Mountain gorillas are very shy and gentle animals but can become very aggressive and violent when they feel insecure or disturbed by the surroundings. They normally charge by beating their chests, tearing and throwing vegetation and making loud hoots and grunts.


Being at the best mountain Gorilla trekking destination will give you a chance to meeting face to face with these giant jungle dwellers and is the most breathtaking and that ultimate moment many tourists look for. Mountain gorillas are not found in any zoo and therefore for you to have that ultimate encounter, you must fly to any of the 3 African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.


Wondering which country is the best Mountain Gorilla trekking destination for your ultimate wildlife experience? Worry not, this article will give you all the insights and you will know which destination is the best for you.

Mountain Gorilla trekking Uganda

Uganda is a home for almost half of the mountain gorilla population in the entire world and probably the best Mountain Gorilla trekking destination. The rest of the population is being shared between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Mountain gorilla trekking takes place in two national parks in Uganda and that is Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mount Mgahinga national park.


Unlike Mount Mgahinga with only one habituated Gorilla family, Bwindi impenetrable forest national park has 4 Mountain Gorilla tracking locations with 21 mountain gorilla families. These locations include Buhoma sector in the north, Ruhija sector in the East, Rushaga and Nkuringo sectors in the southern part of the impenetrable forest.


Mountain gorilla tracking permit in Uganda is currently USD 700 per person. This price is revised every after 2 years. Acquisition of the mountain Gorilla trekking permit is by first come first serve concept.

What is the best Mountain Gorilla trekking destination ? The answer is Uganda. Why?

  • Affordability. The mountain gorilla tracking permit is only USD 700 and on top of that, Uganda gives you all the options from budget, standard, mid range and luxury treat. No need to worry about your stay and the budget, Uganda has got you covered right from lodging to the mode of travel.
  • More gorilla tracking locations to choose from. Depending on your route, your tour operator will choose for you the best location for your ultimate gorilla encounter. This is an advantage for Uganda compared to her counterparts who have only one gorilla tracking location.
  • Opportunity to mix the gorilla tracking with savannah wildlife adventure. Bwindi’ Buhoma sector is 2 hour’ drive to the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth – Ishasha sector very famous as a home to the tree climbing lions. You can decide to join your gorilla adventure with this amazing game drive to the tree climbing sector. See how here
  • Accessibility. Your Mountain Gorilla trekking can start from both Kigali international airport (Rwanda) and Entebbe International airport with the former requiring only 4 hours to Mgahinga gorilla national park and 5 hours to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park whereas the later requires 9 hours to Bwindi and 10 hours to Mgahinga gorilla national park. On to of that’s you can arrange scheduled domestic flights right from Entebbe International airport to either of the Mountain Gorilla trekking sectors with both morning and afternoon schedule. Talk to us to arrange your domestic schedule for the Ultimate experience. Contact us here
  • Gorilla safari in Uganda gives you more options either to spend an hour with the gorillas or extend your stay by buying Mountain Gorilla habituation permit at USD 1, 500 and spend the whole day with these gentle mammals. Lets tailor make it just for you here

Mountain Gorilla tracking in Rwanda


Commonly known as “The land of a Thousand Hills” Rwanda is yet another fine destination for Mountain Gorilla trekking. The rolling hills of Rwanda make it more fun to have a road trip in this country amazing ever green country


Recently Rwanda has branded herself as luxury mountain gorilla destination attracting high end accommodation facilities like Bisate lodge , Sabinyo silverback lodge and Singita Kwitonda lodge being the outstanding luxury lodges overlooking Mount Sabinyo. Mountain gorilla tracking permit in Rwanda is USD 1, 500.


Volcanoes National Park (Parc Nationale des Volcans) is blessed with 10 mountain gorilla families each leaving in small range from each other since the park is no so big. Therefore this makes sighting and trekking in this mountainous country a little bit easy.


What is the best Mountain Gorilla Trekking destination? The answer is Uganda because Rwanda being a luxury destination, many tourists who would love to experience Gorillas in the mist adventure are left out and therefore they will choose Uganda due to affordability and flexibility in the safari style.


Experience remarkable Rwanda by booking Gorillas in the mist adventure with us. Book now for your ultimate Mountain Gorilla experience!

Mountain Gorilla trekking in Democratic Republic of Congo


Democratic Republic of Congo would have been a perfect location for Gorilla trekking adventure since it can give a tourist a comparison between Mountain Gorillas and Eastern Low Land Gorillas. On top of that her stunning views of the sceneries and the volcanoes are unmatched! Have a taste of Congo Adventure by booking a safari with us. Here are the different safari itineraries to choose from but a a mix of Mountain Gorillas with Mount Nyiragongo Hike would be the Best ever.!


Mountain Gorilla trekking permit in Democratic Republic of Congo is USD 400 making it even cheaper compared to Uganda and Rwanda. However security concerns makes the country lie behind the two neighbors


However all that beauty is washed away by presence of insecurity in the Virunga region. Guerillas rebels can strike any time and for sure no one would love to be where there is such uncertainty in their safety unless you are the current Indiana Jones which I believe you are not. Although Congo is safer now than before, it’s hard to tell when they will strike again. The best option would be to check your respective country’s travel advisory for any country before travel.


What is the best Mountain Gorilla Trekking destination? The answer is Uganda because of security, flexibility, affordability and variety of options to choose from.


For those interested to have a gorilla experience in Democratic Republic of Congo, you have a chance to hike the famous active Nyiragongo Mountain and overnight at the top of the volcano. Check our 5 days mountain gorilla trekking and Mount Nyiragongo adventure and let’s show you the true Africa.


What is the best Mountain Gorilla Trekking destination? The question still stands.


From our experience and reviews we get from our guests on top of the above reasons, destination Uganda ticks all boxes and is the best destination for that Ultimate Mountain gorilla experience. Talk to our safari consultant in order to tailor make your dream adventure to the Mighty Mountain Gorilla destinations


Be part of our safari family by booking a trip with us to The best Mountain Gorilla Trekking destination. Our 9 days epic primates and wildlife experience will give you a good mix of the great primates and the animals of the savannah.


With the above, you are able to choose The Best Gorilla Trekking Destination for your Ultimate Wildlife Experience.


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